Why I'm Running To Be Your Ward 4 City Councillor

I've been knocking on doors for over a year now. In this time, I’ve met a lot of fellow Ward 4 residents and learned a lot listening to your aspirations for our community.  It's important that we have these thoughtful conversations about issues that matter.  Leaving my career in the technology sector to run for City Council was a major decision for me, so I’d like to share with you why I’m now more resolved than ever to earn your vote.



I'm not a career politician; in fact I've never run before. After a successful thirty-year career in the private sector I want to give back. I am passionate about my community and city.


I was born and raised in Alberta. My wife Kerry and I have been in Calgary for over twenty years. We raised our children here and love calling this place home. We live in Highland Park, just one of the many great communities in Ward 4.


Some of the best communities in Calgary can be found in Ward 4 and I can tell you residents here are proud to call them home. But today we face many new challenges including overloaded public transit, aging community infrastructure, pressure from new developments, closing shops and disappearing green spaces. Meanwhile, the current Ward 4 Councillor has done very little in the last four years to keep up.


I know we can do better. Ward 4 deserves a councillor that will serve as an informed advocate for our communities. I want to be that advocate. That’s why I’m running.


Please take a look at my platform for tackling the challenges Ward 4 and our city face today.

Over the course of this campaign I will be expanding these ideas and hope to engage with you in more thoughtful conversations about our future. 


We can do better for Ward 4.


You can help support our campaign by sharing this post and requesting a lawn sign today.


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