See You at My 144 Fundraiser!

Just a reminder that I can’t wait to see you at my 144 Fundraiser this coming Wednesday November 9th! If you haven’t already you can buy your tickets right here. Come enjoy wine, appetizers, great music and great company!
As the Calgary Herald reported on their front page I'm running for council in Ward 4, to deal with issues that impact all Calgarians: Better transit. Safer streets. Fiscal responsibility. I want to tackle these issues, but I need your help to print flyers, post signs, and reach out to over 90,000 residents before election time. It all costs money and I’m grateful for any contribution you can make.
The Ward 4 incumbent has also started his campaign, but he takes shortcuts. He uses taxpayers to fund his campaign.

That’s right. Public money.

For example, earlier this year he printed and delivered fridge magnets that displayed his City of Calgary contact info, to communities outside the Ward he’s paid to represent. These weren’t just for his constituents – they were his calling cards for potential voters. What’s worse is that he expensed the cost to the city – in other words, to you and to me.
Then in April he charged taxpayers for “Robodials for Ward 4 Polling, Feb 2016”. Even though you and I paid for the poll he still hasn’t shared the results. Public money paid for his private information.
There’s more. Just a couple weeks ago he advertised an "Open House - Area Redevelopment Plan”. I attended that night and can confirm that very few understood what he meant, but that didn't stop him. After all, it gave him the chance to prominently display his photograph, and direct people to his personal website - which offered no information about the purpose of the open house. More self-promotion. We’re watching closely to see if he bills taxpayers yet again for his signs. We expect the worst.
I’m running for council and unlike my competitor I’m not using public funds to get there. With your help I’ll campaign for it fair and square.
See you Wednesday!

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