We Can Do Better for Ward 4


We enjoy terrific communities in Ward 4 and as residents we’re proud to call them home. But we face many challenges, including aging community infrastructure, overloaded public transit, pressure from new development, closing shops and disappearing green spaces. I worry we’re falling behind. The current Ward 4 Councillor has done very little to help us keep up.

Ward 4 deserves a Councillor who will be an informed, effective advocate for our communities."

Here’s my plan to make Ward 4 better:


Build Better Connections and Safer Streets

  • The Green Line LRT will end at 16th Ave in Stage One. I’ll fight to bring the Green Line north, sooner, into Ward 4 and to get all Calgarians a step closer to an Airport train link.
  • Build the long overdue intersection upgrade at John Laurie and McKnight Boulevards.
  • In 2016 Calgary averaged nearly a pedestrian collision per day, and nearly a pedestrian death per month. Let’s make our streets safer for people walking, biking, riding, and driving by investing in infrastructure for all modes of transportation.


Spur Business Growth, Spend Responsibly

  • Make Calgary a top choice for businesses by building on our pro-business environment. Beyond great infrastructure and fair taxation, companies need housing choice, transportation choice and vibrant communities to attract and retain their workforces.
  • We must ease the tax burden on small and medium businesses as Calgary’s economy continues to recover.
  • Attract local businesses and services our Ward 4 communities need to thrive.
  • Bend the cost curve on the City’s operating budget by better managing growth.
  • Without major concessions from the IOC, we should not spend billions on the Olympics. And we must see all the details on any proposed Arena deal. 


Invest In Our Aging Community Infrastructure

  • Secure our fair share of investment to maintain and improve Ward 4 infrastructure such as parks, libraries, rec centres, arenas, and community centres.
  • Work with school boards to bring more local children to our local schools.
  • Explore sharing opportunities among schools, community groups and seniors.


Promote Better, More Sensible Development

  • Focus on good development — and not just any development — along the edges of our communities, especially along transit corridors like Crowchild Trail and Centre Street.
  • Provide housing choice for our seniors, as well as young adults and their families.
  • Create local plans that respect existing communities while encouraging investment in housing and services.


Ward 4 Deserves More. 


On October 16th, I ask for your vote for Ward 4 Councillor.


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