One Year To Go!

This week the Calgary Herald announced we have less than a year to go before the next civic election, identifying yours truly as an early contender. Metro Calgary followed with a story listing all the registered candidates – including a growing number of women. 

For Calgarians looking for choice, this is good news! With 20 new contenders already competing with up to 14 incumbent councillors, we may see even more than the 49 candidates who ran for Ward seats in 2013. More candidates means more ideas, and more choice.

And we need more! Calgarians are tired of councillors who can’t demonstrate value for their Ward. Who say they support pedestrian safety, but vote to defund it. Who oppose extending our primary transit network to one of our universities. Who campaign with City Hall materials produced at taxpayers’ expense. Who hint at secret surveys but won’t share results. Who confuse hearsay with “common sense”, and ignore evidence.


I’m excited to offer voters in Ward 4 a choice. If you'd like to directly help my campaign, please check out my volunteer and donate tabs. Or if you'd just like to voice an opinion or ask me a question, please send me a note or call me. 

Over the next year I look forward to getting to know you, and sharing ideas to make our communities and our city better – as I know we can.

I can't wait!

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