One Last Thank You

Last night was an amazing finish to what has been a most incredible journey.

Despite all of our hard work, we've come up a little short. Around 1:00 am I congratulated Sean Chu on a hard-fought campaign and wished him well on his next 4 year term.

I'm proud of the campaign we ran on issues, and the connections we made with people and the challenges they face here in our communities.

And to you I'd like to say Thank You once again. Results are unofficial, but it appears we polled well over 13,000 votes. Your support is very gratifying! Meanwhile our campaign isn't quite done. If you have one of our signs, please leave it out for just a few more days so we can come by and pick it up.

Elections are a hugely important part of our democracy, but they're not the only part. Let's stay involved with our communities, and find ways to help make them just a little better for our neighbours who live in them.

Thanks again!

- Greg

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