One Last Thank You

Last night was an amazing finish to what has been a most incredible journey.

Despite all of our hard work, we've come up a little short. Around 1:00 am I congratulated Sean Chu on a hard-fought campaign and wished him well on his next 4 year term.

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Invest in Our Aging Community Infrastructure

Ward 4 has some of the best communities that we’ve come to love in Calgary. Some of them, like Highland Park and Collingwood, date back as far as the 1940’s and 50’s. Others like Edgemont were completed as recently as the late 1990’s.  As these communities have matured over the years, however, much of their infrastructure has fallen behind. 


Unfortunately, over the last four years we have seen little progress on capital reinvestment in lifecycle repairs for things like parks, libraries, recreation and community centres.

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Former Ward 4 Councillor Gael MacLeod Endorses Greg Miller

On October 16, I will be supporting Greg Miller for City Council. I encourage you to look closely at Greg’s platform. You will see that Greg offers strong and positive leadership and that he will represent the needs of Ward 4 communities very well as a member of City Council."


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Former Ward 4 Councillor Bob Hawkesworth Endorses Greg Miller

Calgary’s parks and recreation areas make our city a good and beautiful place to live. It’s not fair that City Council failed to protect special places such as Paskapoo Slopes, Harvest Hills Golf Course and Confederation creek valley when lands nearby could have been developed instead. We deserve a Councillor that will work hard to retain and restore Calgary’s parks and open spaces, not pave them over.


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Spur Business Growth, Spend Responsibly

Since Calgary’s economic downturn was triggered in mid-2014 by the tumbling price of crude oil we have seen major impacts on Calgary’s businesses. In Downtown alone, there have been estimates of thousands of job losses, while overall Calgary's unemployment hovers at 8.5%. Office vacancy is approaching 30% with nearly 10 million square feet of prime office space now sitting empty.

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Greg Miller, Meet Greg Miller!

Sometimes you just need a laugh in the middle of an important election.

Last week the star of a comedy podcast in San Francisco noticed my campaign on social media and reached out to connect. I saw this as a wonderful way to get some props for Calgary, and have a little fun at the same time. So naturally we sent him a care package. 


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Greg On Cycletracks, Safety and Choice

Safer Streets and Better Connections is an important part of my platform. Now you can hear my interview with Angela Kokott on why safety and choice matters. 

You'll find our conversation at September 27th starting at 5:12pm in the Newstalk 770 archive.

Let's stop labeling people based on how they get around, and focus instead on providing safe transportation choices where they make sense.

Build Safer Streets and Better Connectivity

How we get around is key to our quality of life

As Calgarians, getting around is a key component of our quality of life. Whether we’re heading to work, school, the supermarket, or the hockey rink, we all want to arrive safely and efficiently.

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Donations List

I believe voters deserve to know who is backing the campaigns of their candidates.

In the spirit of transparency, here's a list of donations to my campaign. We will continue to update this list before Election Day.

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Promote Better, More Sensible Development

Our communities are facing increasing pressure from redevelopment, from the Highland Park Golf Course project with more than 2,000 new residential units and office space, to the new Brentwood Co-Op Project that proposes 501 residential units and 166,000 square feet of added commercial space, to individual property redevelopment applications. Unfortunately, the current Councillor hasn’t been effective at supporting communities in Ward 4 that are grappling with these changes.

Here’s my plan for creating an environment for better development in Ward 4 communities:

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