My New Full Time Job

After 30 years in the private sector I’ve taken on an exciting new job. As of today, my only job is to earn the right to be your Ward 4 Councillor.


I’m a born and raised Albertan, and my wife and I are proud to have called Calgary home for over 20 years. We’ve worked here, we’ve raised our family here, and we’ve benefited from this great city. Now it’s time to give something back.

My team and I have already knocked on thousands of doors and we’ll be visiting thousands more in the months ahead. We’ve listened to your concerns and your ideas about what’s needed in our communities – and we’re going to keep on listening.

Soon I’ll lay out plans that focus on many important issues you’ve told us about, including

  • Fiscal Responsibility and Transparency
  • Mobility Choice
  • Housing Choice
  • Sensible Development

Between now and Election Day on October 16th I hope to meet you and learn from you. I hope we get the chance to share ideas about the issues and opportunities in front of us in Ward 4 and across Calgary. And if you like what you hear from me, I hope you’ll consider joining my team of volunteers. We’d love to have you on board!

Ward 4 deserves our share of good investment in our communities. We deserve effective representation.

I’m Greg Miller and I’m 100% committed to delivering just that.

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