FOURWard: Local Volunteers Rebuild A Playground

Yesterday wasn’t a great day for concerned Ward 4 residents who treasure the Highland Valley as an important part of our communities.

Undeterred by the result, some Thorncliffe Greenview residents have already found one way to make things better.

This group of dedicated volunteers has been working hard to rebuild the community playground just south of the Thorncliffe Greenview Community Centre, located in the red circle below:













If you know the playground you also know it’s a little tattered and in need of some work. The volunteer team has already been busy investigating equipment, identifying costs and exploring funding alternatives. They’ve also set up a website to inform everyone about what’s going on, raise awareness, and sign up volunteers.

With a Green Line station planned at 56th Avenue, a rejuvenated playground close by helps make the neighborhood a destination for children and their families. What a great way to bring some positive energy back into the community!

The playground team’s financial target is $300,000 and they'd welcome donations.

Check out their website right here. It’s a terrific idea and I hope you’ll join me in supporting it!

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