More Ward 4 Councillor Inaction

In committee today, Sean Chu accused city transportation employees of conducting bicycle counts in May because "that's bike month", implying an attempt to make the numbers look higher. In fact, the city has run traffic counts for vehicle and bike data during the month of May for many years, using a common sense approach to making decisions from a consistent baseline.

For the record: May is not bike month; June is. If one is going to jump to baseless conclusions one should be sure to use the right launching pad. 

Sadly, his accusation is typical of his record as an elected official who questions and insults the professionalism of city staff when they provide data that refute his claims. His behavior borders on slander. At the very least, it's sloppy and disrespectful. 

Meanwhile, he has taken pride in manually counting bikes at random times on various streets in failed attempts to disprove the city's own reliable, time-tested, consistent system. Surely this makes him the highest-paid, publicly-funded traffic counter on the city's payroll.

From the city:


Today's final irony? The committee Sean Chu was on couldn't complete it's job today because it ran out of time. This means more work will be passed on to an already full council agenda later this month.

Times are tough. We have big issues to deal with in Calgary. I would hope a well-paid councillor might do his job and focus on them, and leave data collection to others.

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