Learning From a Bad Example

There are many, many immediate issues that face residents of Ward 4 and all Calgarians. The American Presidential Election is beyond our control and won’t directly impact whether our buses run on-time or our streets get plowed.

I’m running for City Council and I'm focused on those issues. But sometimes you hear or see something so outlandish, you just have to respond. Here's an example - and a bad one, at that.

I’ve spent my fair share of time in a locker-room. As a 16 year old some of the conversation turned to members of the opposite sex. We also talked about how tough the coach was, how bad the ref was, and who had a car this weekend. We didn’t brag about sexual assault.

As I aged, the locker-room subjects changed. We talked about work, shared notes about our kids, and discussed holiday plans. We also threw in calls to share the tape, pucks, and A-535. We still agreed that the ref was bad, but we cared less. We didn’t brag about sexual assault.

For this bozo to claim “this was locker-room banter” means he’s completely out of touch with what actually goes on in a locker-room. He’s a toxic, self-absorbed narcissist who doesn’t understand what it means to belong to a team let alone to lead one. Let this be the end of him.

We must stand for something. Let’s agree we want Calgary to be safe, respectful and welcoming to all, regardless of age, ethnicity, religion, political beliefs, sexual orientation, and of course, gender.

Let’s also agree that whatever else we may think of this Presidential candidate, his words and his actions toward women have no place in the Calgary we want. And if his despicable behavior provides an example of what we don’t want in our city, then at least some good has come of it.

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