Invest in Our Aging Community Infrastructure

Ward 4 has some of the best communities that we’ve come to love in Calgary. Some of them, like Highland Park and Collingwood, date back as far as the 1940’s and 50’s. Others like Edgemont were completed as recently as the late 1990’s.  As these communities have matured over the years, however, much of their infrastructure has fallen behind. 


Unfortunately, over the last four years we have seen little progress on capital reinvestment in lifecycle repairs for things like parks, libraries, recreation and community centres.



Secure our fair share of investment to improve Ward 4 infrastructure

Ward 4 communities deserve the same level of investment in capital infrastructure as communities in other wards across the city. I will work with local communities to identify areas in need of investment and champion these projects for capital investment during budget deliberations.


Work with school boards to bring more local children to our local schools

It’s not fair for kids to spend hours each week commuting across the city to go to school. Kids in our communities should be able attend great local schools as much as possible. However, some communities in Ward 4 are struggling to sustain minimum student populations and could risk losing these schools in the future. And ironically, thanks to program specialization, in some cases our local schools are at capacity with children from across the city while our our local children have been turned away.


I will work with school boards to find ways to ensure local children can attend our local schools. We need to sustain great options for students and families in Ward 4 communities.

Explore sharing opportunities among schools, community groups and seniors

Currently, our schools, community groups and seniors are largely isolated and siloed from sharing resources and activities. Strong communities are built from collaboration and connection between many different people. I will work to connect schools with community groups to bring life to schools during times of the week and year when they are underutilized. We must also look for opportunities to involve seniors groups to participate in community activities that offer benefit for everyone.


Invest In our precious green spaces that make our communities livable.

We are witnessing the loss of green spaces in Ward 4 to private developments. Some developments can be beneficial, but they need to be done right and we need to make sure that green spaces are preserved and enhanced.


We need to invest in our existing parks, green space and natural areas as we would any other community infrastructure. Vibrant public areas help us maintain our quality of life and make Ward 4 communities places we’re proud to call home.


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