Green Line Planning Heads North on Centre Street

North_Stations_(no_9th_Ave).JPGLast night I attended another Green Line Station Workshop at the Thorncliffe Greenview Community Association (TGCA). This session covered the McKnight and 64th Avenue stations and provided a little more clarity on the how the line will progress.

Once again I was extremely impressed with the contribution by Ward 4 community members. A hundred or so residents participated in an energetic and thoughtful way, even though it’s clear they're grappling with a number of complex planning issues - without a comprehensive plan to support them.

These same residents are dealing with projects like the Green Line, the Drop In Centre application, the 40 acre Highland Park Golf Course redevelopment, and a possible McKnight Boulevard widening. Frankly I’m concerned that without an Area Plan to back them up, council has left residents to navigate these confusing waters on their own. More on that in a future post.

Here’s what we learned last night.

Station Updates

  • The McKnight station has been moved north to 56th Ave, right in front of the TGCA. This pulls the station beyond the optimum 600 meter distance to the proposed Highland Park Golf Course development. The train will run below grade (underground) at McKnight Boulevard itself.
  • The 64th Avenue station is now planned to go in front of the Judith Umbach (Thornhill) Library branch.
  • The 72nd Avenue station has been removed, apparently based on feedback received during Open Houses in February.
  • The Beddington station may move north, to the north end of the Safeway/Co-op shopping plazas and away from the Huntington Hills Community Association.
  • Centre Street will remain four lanes of traffic north of McKnight, and reduce to two lanes south of McKnight.

Redevelopment Plans & Rumours

40th Avenue Station is not included in a Design Charrette, despite the interconnection with the 72 & 73 bus routes, a reduction to two lanes of traffic, and vacant lots across from the station location. Stations further south at 9th, 16th and 28th avenues will be covered in a “linear” Design Charrette.

Unofficially, while 64th Ave will be the subject of a Design Charrette, the redevelopment opportunity is considered relatively small – limited to the northwest quadrant of the Centre St and 64th Ave intersection.

Supposedly a major landowner at the Beddington Boulevard station has expressed interest in redevelopment. The station is right beside two supermarkets and various shops. But no Design Charrette is planned.

Future Green Line Events of note for Ward 4:

  • April 12th: Beddington Station and 72 Avenue Workshop - with 72 Ave now removed. Huntington Hills CA
  • April 18 – 23th: 64 Avenue North area Charrette. Sheraton Cavalier - 2620 32 Avenue N.E.
  • April 27th: 96 Avenue North and Northpointe Workshops. Harvest Hills Alliance Church
  • May 2 - 7th: 96 Avenue North area Charrette. Location TBD.
  • June, date TBD: 9/16/28 Avenues North area Charrette. Details to come. 

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