Golf Course Paused, In Spite of Sean Chu

Yesterday the Mayor saved Sean Chu from great embarrassment.

It started when Chu tried to shepherd a motion to table (defer) a review of the Highland Park Golf Course redevelopment in the absence of the Mayor. Usually the local area councillor’s voice carries great weight with the rest of council. Unfortunately Chu’s position on council is so weak that the motion was soundly rejected, 10-4.

The Mayor later commented how “weird” it was for council to not accept the area councillor’s recommendation. 

Shortly thereafter the Mayor returned to council. After a very forceful and eloquent introduction – and much negotiation - the Mayor’s motion passed, 10-5. The fifty-plus Ward 4 residents who came to City Hall were happy with the result, but frustrated that they had to wait around the better part of a day only to be told to go home.

Unaware to many was that the day before, the motion to table was already being discussed. Sadly, the Ward 4 Councilor couldn’t find support from his colleagues. Had he done so at that time he could have saved his constituents, the applicant and council itself from wasting hours on non-productive procedural motions and debate.

Unfortunately this is nothing new for Sean Chu. He's abysmal at getting his motions passed, and the least likely councillor to be a part of a winning motion. 










Winning_Votes.jpgEqually concerning has been his inability to broker a solution between the motivated Golf Course developer and a community ready for good development. Perhaps if he spent less time campaigning in Ward 7 and more time focused on his own constituents he might get things done.

Sean Chu is ineffective. And Ward 4 communities suffered in council because of it.

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