Former Ward 4 Councillor Bob Hawkesworth Endorses Greg Miller

Calgary’s parks and recreation areas make our city a good and beautiful place to live. It’s not fair that City Council failed to protect special places such as Paskapoo Slopes, Harvest Hills Golf Course and Confederation creek valley when lands nearby could have been developed instead. We deserve a Councillor that will work hard to retain and restore Calgary’s parks and open spaces, not pave them over.


X0BbTe18.jpgI know how long and hard Ward 4 communities worked with their City Councillors to ensure Nose Hill became our beloved park. For the city and the parks I love, I'm voting to elect Greg Miller as Ward 4 Councillor."

Bob Hawkesworth is a former Ward 4 Calgary Councillor from 1980-86 and 1993-2010. He resides in Ward 4.


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