City Hall Update: April 18th

On the heels of last week’s meeting marathon – including an overtime session on Secondary Suites full of embarrassing personal details – this week at City Hall should be shorter, but no less significant.

On Monday Council will review an update on its Action Plan. This will include a healthy measure of Citizen FeedbackApril_18_City_Hall.jpg

Some possibly conflicting themes emerge: On one hand Calgarians expressed a clear interest in greater efficiencies and in lowering tax increases. At the same time they have also indicated they want more investment in many areas including transit, affordable housing, transportation planning, and social services.

This Feedback will likely influence plans for a recently announced $86 Million surplus. 

The Transit and Transportation Committee meets on Wednesday. Most eyes will be on the much-discussed SouthWest BRT, as part of a report on all BRT projects including the North Crosstown BRT. Starting at Brentwood Station, linking the U of C, following 16th Avenue into the Northeast and terminating at Saddletowne Station, the North Crosstown offers a measure of relief for Ward 4 residents looking for a way across North Calgary. Current plan is to see the project begin this year with completion in 2018.

Also on Wednesday council will revisit its Pedestrian Strategy. The Ward 4 Councilor held a meeting on pedestrian safety a couple months ago but still hasn’t shared what he’s heard from residents. He has demonstrated where he stands by attempting to cut staffing levels on the Pedestrian Strategy team, even though the team would be smaller than those in other cities.

Ward 4 has seen its share of pedestrian fatalities over the years, including many on Centre Street

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