This Week at City Hall - April 4, 2016

hi-calgary-city-hall.jpgThis is the first of many city hall updates to come. It’s important for Ward 4 residents to know what’s happening at the city and in this space we will be working to give you the inside scoop. This is a pretty light week for City Council, with some relatively minor committee work going on.


On Wednesday the Edgemont petition for a local LEAF program will be reviewed by Community and Protective Services. LEAF is a city-administered program whereby residents can pay for extra services to enhance and beautify boulevards and other common public areas within the community. 67.6% of Edgemont property owners have agreed to an $84/year levy, which (just) meets the City’s two-thirds requirement for approval. A counter-petition was started, but was supported by less than 12% of landowners.  $447,000 will be raised in 2016 alone.


On Thursday the Intergovernmental Affairs Committee will hear reports from four other inter-municipal bodies. It will be interesting to see if any comments arise on what’s been going on between Chestermere and Rockyview.


And lest we think the City has forgotten the flood  of 2013, on Wednesday the Emergency Management committee reviews the status of Emergency Preparedness. Of the top ten risks, flood is still considered number one, ahead of snowstorms and hail.


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