At The Doors In Ward 4

There really is nothing like going door to door to understand what’s on peoples’ minds.

Connecting in this digital age takes many forms. We communicate online, on TV and radio, in print, and of course through social media. Community events and gatherings provide great opportunities to meet as a group. But door knocking gives you a direct one-to-one connection.

It’s an oddly personal moment. You knock on someone’s door, and they graciously agree to accept you at the edge of their personal space. You’re meeting on their terms. Maybe that’s why I’ve always found people welcoming and forthcoming, especially when it’s clear that you genuinely want to listen and to learn. It offers great insight.

Here’s just a small sample of verbatim comments from Ward 4 residents, at their doors:

“My parents lived in the community and now I’ve lived here for 8 years. It’s great to see more kids coming around at Halloween.”

“I’m a single parent paying $___ in rent and I’m at the mercy of my landlord.”

“What’s his name again? Oh yeah. We’re voting for anyone but him.”

“I’ve lived here for 7 months. It’s very nice here.”

“We think the Green Line will really do a lot for us.”

“Come on in. I’m looking to get involved politically. I’ll pass your cards on to my buddies.”

“These are tough times.”

“I’m [a foreigner]. I can’t vote.”

“We have some young families moving in, which is really nice.”

“I’ve lived here 30 years but now the steps are getting difficult. I’d like a newer place close by where I can get around.”

“Sorry, I’m very sick. Sorry.”

“You’re the first guy who’s come around here in 8 years.”

“Transit is really important to us.”

“I’ve had my car broken in three times and the police haven’t done anything.”

“We moved here 3 years ago from Toronto. We really like it here.”

“I’ll keep you in mind.”

“We just want our mother to be able to live with us.”

“Why did they take away our playground equipment?”

“I won’t vote for him.”

“I’m definitely supporting you!”

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