About Greg


Greg is a born and raised Albertan, proud of his parents’ rural roots in Central Alberta’s farmland. After growing up and graduating from high school in St. Albert, he earned his business degree from McGill University. He began his working career in Toronto, where he met his wife and started his family. They returned to Alberta and have called Calgary home for over 20 years.

During his 30 year private sector career Greg has performed a variety of leadership and consulting roles with some of the world’s most celebrated software and professional services companies. He attributes his career success to his ability to hear, to listen and to understand. If there's one thing he's learned in his business career, it's the importance of cooperation and collaboration to get things done. Great experience for City Hall, where a councillor needs to find agreement among 15 independent colleagues to improve things for our Ward and our neighbourhoods.

Greg has a long history of public service and engagement. His volunteer experience includes community-level sports, community theatre and as Treasurer for the Central Memorial High School Music Parents Association. His work with the Central Memorial Parents Society highlighted for him just how fragile our public education system is today. As a member of the imagineCALGARY Stewardship group, Greg has helped to promote sustainability as well as Calgary’s extensive Plan-It engagement process.

Greg understands Calgary City Hall, where he is an active speaker in committee or before Council itself. He has earned respect for his informed, thoughtful advocacy on a number of issues ranging from development policy to transportation to affordable housing. Greg co-founded and now facilitates Green Line North Communities, which brings together community leaders along the Green Line North and city planners. As Calgary prepares for the Green Line LRT project, the work to ensure residents are heard on this massive transportation and redevelopment project is critical.

Greg and his family are happy residents of Ward 4, right in the heart of Calgary. He and his family have been extremely fortunate to live in our city of energy and opportunity. He is excited to give back, and to work on the challenges and issues faced by the residents of Ward 4's proud and diverse communities.


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